The preschool is licensed to cater for 27 children per day.

Tuesday to Friday 8.30-4.30


20 Hours ECE Funding

We subscribe to the 20 Hours ECE funding program for all children 3 years and over. There is a maximum 20 hours per child per week available with a daily maximum of 6 hours.
This funding is only available for permanent bookings. If a child swaps a session or attends an extra session they will be charged the full day fee for the additional attendance.


Registration Fee $30.00 ** other fees may apply

Daily Fee $45.00

We will consider short term enrolments if a place is available 

Short term enrolment daily fee $60.00 


​We do request you let the preschool know if your child is going to be absent before 8.30am on the day. There is a full list of absence charges available from the office or on the notice board.

Late Pick up fee: We charge a late pick up fee of $10 per half hour or part thereof for any child picked up after 4.30pm